Virtual Receptionists provide live call answering to incoming calls as well as perform certain outgoing calls such as appointment reminders or customer followup. Their goal is to offer all employees above-average wages and benefits and to grow their product offering to include live web chat, SMS, email and social channels.


Tone of Voice

Keeping a balance between function and expression. Functional means helpful, things are organized in a clear manner and respond to the audience’s needs. Help clients have an easy, enjoyable experience across media. Epic Receptionists expressive copy is where brand personality is allowed to unravel and present a product truth in a fresh, relevant, interesting way.


Approved taglines:

"Your trusted army of dedicated professionals."

"Representing your business on all fronts."


Words that represent Epic Receptionists:
Conquer, Army, Win, Trust, Trusted, Power, Powerful



As squares and rectangles have a very mathematical, balanced feel these shapes scream rational, practical and conformity.

Circles have a free sense of movement that may also represent power and energy. Graceful and complete they give a sense of integrity and perfection.


Blue for intelligence, sincerity and wisdom, turqoise for dependability and commitment and orange for approachability and inclucivity. All the brand colors have been selected to represent the company's values. Mixed into gradients they become a signature.


The typography selected belongs to the Sans Serif Geometric Typeface category and has been chosen to induce a progressive, innovative feel. It presents the company as fresh yet grounded, youthful yet knoweledgeable. 



A combination of the shapes, colors and typography as showcased so far bring us to the company logo; fresh, polished, proffessional-looking yet friendly and inviting.

To enhance the friendly tone of the brand, a set of illustrations has been designed for various applications accross media, in both light and dark mode. 


Epic Receptionists is a Black Owned Company



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