The Proteus Project is a seasonal seafood restaurant and boutique vendor, inspired by the fine cuisine of the Cycladic islands. Catering to well-travelled thrill seekers and food lovers, it provides the authentic island recipes and Cycladic surroundings for an original experience. It's fresh, artistic and eclectic, in short: if for whatever reason you cannot travel to the Cyclades, you have to visit the Proteus Project.


Logo Design

The main care taken for this design has been to communicate the authenticity and originality of the brand. To convey this "true Greek" identity we decided to combine the Greek alphabet and its unique shapes with the latin alphabet. We happily discovered the Greek word "ευ" among the letters, which translates in English as "good" or "of a fine quality". The color inspiration comes directly from the Cycladic scenery, where blinding sun yellow, bright blues and saturated reds are dominant.


The Proteus Project is a seafood boutique as well as a restaurant, where you can find access to the finest Greek ingredients. Promoting fair trade, they provide full transparency on pricing and true net costs. We designed a booklet with seasonal recipes based on each staple ingredient, as well as historical information and information about origin and suppliers.


The Proteus Project participates in the fight for a better environment, with conservation initiatives such as the use of organic and zero waste disposable materials.

The Proteus Project also offers a take-away option for you to enjoy their hearty recipies at home or at work. For that we designed their zero waste disposable containers and organic cotton carrying bags.

To pair their delicious seafood recipes, The Proteus Project offer a handpicked selection of traditional Greek spirits. Inspired by the wordplay that occurred when designing the logo, we came up with an in-house branding deriving from the word "ευ" i.e. "Euphoria", meaning "to feel good".


Inspired by the infamous Cycladic White, we designed an interior space that utilises blank space and light with hints of tradition, like the characteristic bright red bougainvilleas hanging on – or crawling up – the white walls.




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